Company „VIRGO“ – friend of your space

If you want a furniture with style, you can be sure that, apart from extraordinary cooperation and quality, you shall be completely satisfied, for
we have a conscious of our own potential and we take responsibility.
The company was founded on 23.08.1993.
Basic business considers: manufacture of metal furniture, complete arrangement of interiors, business spaces, cafes, as well as plastic-plating of metal (upon agreement).
We are reliable and we spread the organized web through the recommendation, and, in that case, the rate of discount is 5-10%.
We are proud, honest and we are investing in development.
Special collection is made of chairs of elegant design, as well as the tables of special material “werzalit”, of German manufacture, which is water-proof , ware and tare-proof, resistant to temperature up to 180 degrees C.
It is known that in capitalism, faith of the companies is in hands of large investment funds, and in “Virgo” company, everything is up to teem and man who runs it.
We see our future in larger profitability and free float of capital, as well as in the European integration.
It is our goal to reward the employees, for they deserve that with their competence and creativity, and the parameter for bonus size shall be profit and enlargement of company’s

Zoran Milosavljević